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Info about Skating Rinks in Gibbonsville, Idaho, ID

There are 3 Skating Rinks in or near Gibbonsville, Idaho ID.

Glacier Ice Rink

Glacier Ice Rink is located approximately 86 miles from Gibbonsville. They're a decent Skating Rink in Gibbonsville. Contact them at (406) 728-0316.
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Missoula Figure Skating Club

Missoula Figure Skating Club is located approximately 88 miles from Gibbonsville. Missoula Figure Skating Club is very popular place in this area. Contact them at (406) 543-5889.
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Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley Resort is located approximately 134 miles from Gibbonsville. Contact information: 1 Sun Valley Rd. Need to give Sun Valley Resort a call? (208) 622-4111.
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