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Info about Skating Rinks in Centenary, South Carolina, SC

There are 10 Skating Rinks in or near Centenary, South Carolina SC.

Dream Land Skating Arena

Dream Land Skating Arena is located approximately 20 miles from Centenary. They are a nice Skating Rink. You can call them at (843) 369-2055.
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Hartsville Skating Arena

Hartsville Skating Arena is located approximately 46 miles from Centenary. Regarded as one of the best Skating Rinks in Centenary area, Hartsville Skating Arena is located at 301 S Marquis Hwy. Call them at (843) 332-4865.
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MR P'S SKATEWORLD is located approximately 47 miles from Centenary. We recommend their services. Phone number: (910) 608-3550.

Martin's Skating Ctr

Martin's Skating Ctr is located approximately 11 miles from Centenary. Martin's Skating Ctr is a really good Skating Rink. You can call them at (843) 464-0585.
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Olympia Skate Arena Inc

Olympia Skate Arena Inc is located approximately 23 miles from Centenary. If you need a good Skating Rink near Centenary, contact Olympia Skate Arena Inc. You can call them at (843) 365-6108.
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Pee Dee Skateland

Pee Dee Skateland is located approximately 16 miles from Centenary. Their exact address is: 4524 W Highway 76. Call them at (843) 423-1802.
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Rockingham Skateland

Rockingham Skateland is located approximately 67 miles from Centenary. Customers have good opinions about Rockingham Skateland. Need to give Rockingham Skateland a call? (910) 895-4304.
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Roller World

Roller World is located approximately 46 miles from Centenary. They're a decent Skating Rink in Centenary. Their current phone number is (910) 521-0990.
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Shallotte Skating Rink

Shallotte Skating Rink is located approximately 57 miles from Centenary. Contact information: 4414 Main St. Call them at (910) 755-7111.
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Skateland Usa

Skateland Usa is located approximately 29 miles from Centenary. Skateland Usa is a really good Skating Rink. Phone number: (843) 669-7655.
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